Monday, 16 April 2012

Secondary 1 Math PT 1 Part 3 Reflection/ Statistical Journal

    After this activity, I have learned that in order to work as a team, we must sometimes compromise and make sacrifices for each other, like for example trying our best to fit into each others schedule. The strengths of our team include being able to communicate well and execute plans easily, able to handle different roles in a team and able to understand each others difficulties like time constraints and such. Although the members in my group didn't really have roles, we still did what was required from each of us to finish the task, such as data collection, data tabulation, data analysis, etc. We also swapped roles once in a while to make sure everyone had a chance to do each job. From this activity, I earned a lot of valuable experience that will definitely help me in the future. I think this type of applied learning is very good and SST should have these activities more often. They help students learn in a very innovative way.

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